Cut Power

50% Dynamic Power Savings
35% Static Power Savings
0.6 – 1.2Volts

Cut Costs

Lower Power Costs
Enhanced Device Reliability
Process-specific Compilers
Maximized Yields
Fast-Time To Market

Silicon Proven

40nm – 28nm Technologies
CMOS & SOI Compatible
Major Foundry Partners


When Power is Paramount

Our Products

About Us

sureCore Ltd is an SRAM IP company based in Sheffield, UK, developing low power memories for next generation, silicon process technologies. Its world-leading, low power SRAM design is process independent and variability tolerant, making it suitable for a wide range of technology nodes. This IP is helping SoC developers meet both challenging power budgets and manufacturability constraints posed by leading edge process nodes.


  • 28FDSOI ultra low embedded SRAM IP
  • TSMC 40ULP ultra low embedded SRAM IP
  • DYNAMIC POWER SAVINGS of up to 70%
  • Silicon Proven