Addressing SRAM Verification Challenges

sureCore have announced two major product families PowerMiser™ and EverOn™. PowerMiser™ is a general purpose SRAM capable of delivering in excess of 50% dynamic and 20% static power savings compared to industry standard offerings. EverOn™ is a memory developed specifically for the IoT and wearable markets. It delivers near-threshold operating voltages facilitating extremely low power […]

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The Near Threshold Revolution

Sure, the uber-trendy wearable Internet of Things (IoT) markets look promising. But the enticing baubles on the outside mask some real stumbling blocks when it comes to chasing the elusive sweet spot of increased mobility, performance and more features. In the case of wearables, increased portability equates to size and weight reductions. For IoT more […]

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POWER FIRST “Subduing The Power Management Storm”

As the industry moves towards 16nm technology adoption, the demand for greater functionality AND extended battery life has created a perfect storm. Customers want more for less on two fronts: more battery life (less power consumption) for less cost. When further constrained by the demand for environmental friendly technology, this challenge reaches crisis proportions, affecting […]

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