Leuven Design Centre

The sureCore Design Centre in Leuven, Belgium is a catalyst for low power SRAM excellence. It taps into the design ecosystem around imec and leverages the investment and confidence that comes from our partnership with this premier research institute.
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The Leuven Design Centre, headed by Dr. Stefan Cosemans, is home to some of the most brilliant SRAM memory technologists who have numerous patents to their credit. Here, our development team have already re-defined low power SRAM and continue to focus on developing production-ready, low power, low voltage capable SRAM designs that can be easily integrated into SoCs. Its mission is to shorten cycle times for production-ramped products.




Capital-E is an early stage venture fund focused exclusively on micro-electronics as well as new materials related ventures in Europe. Through its entrenched relationship with IMEC, the largest independent research centre in micro- and nano-electronics in Europe, Capital-E and its ventures can directly rely on the support of over 2000 scientists and engineers, as well as leverage on IMEC’s 500+ worldwide partners to cost effectively promote adoption of highly innovative products.

The fund is managed by an independent team with expertise in electronics and materials and a balanced mix of entrepreneurial, industrial and VC experience.


The Seedcorn Fund

The Seedcorn Fund aims to back early stage technology-based ventures which have the potential to become “beacon companies” for the region. The fund fills a gap in the local finance market for ventures that are often seen as too risky for mainstream providers or which require more hands-on support from a specialist investor. Clients will be companies that are based on new and innovative technology with ideas that have strong potential and once in the market, are capable of rapid growth and returns of many multiples of their original investment. The fund can provide investment over the lifetime of those companies that show the most commercial potential. It also provides specialist support to those growing businesses in return for a share of the eventual returns.


Mercia Technologies PLC

Mercia is a national investment group focused on the creation, funding and scaling of innovative businesses with high growth potential from the UK regions.  Mercia benefits from 18 university partnerships and six offices across the Midlands, the North of England and Scotland, providing it with access to high quality, regional deal flow.  Mercia is quoted on AIM with the epic “MERC”.

Mercia’s “complete capital solution” investment model initially nurtures businesses via its third party funds under management (expanded to circa £220 million following its acquisition of Enterprise Ventures Group) and then over time Mercia can provide further funding to its emerging stars thanks to its ability to deploy direct investment follow-on capital from its own balance sheet.

When Power is Paramount

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